“STES has the knowledge & experience on Gas, steam, and hydro turbines needed to maintain your capital investment in optimal operational condition.”

Our company specializes in providing technical specialists and project management personnel to our power generation, refinery and oil and gas industry clients. Staffing is available for all phases of a project, including development, engineering, construction, commissioning, ongoing operations and maintenance. Whether the project is long-term or short-term, all of our employees and consultants are carefully screened and selected to assure the highest-quality staff is available at all levels.

From start-up and project scheduling through training and post-completion manuals, Southern Turbine & Energy solutions provide complete guidance on all aspects of your project. We can offer our services in any location countrywide with a qualified staff and service. Our main capital is the human resource, offers a dependable consultants-one to rely on to save a customer time, money and assistance in crisis situations.


We have experience with F – Class GE Turbine.

We can offer all services and training solutions in English, Spanish, and other local languages from USA, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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    Fulshear, Texas – USA

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