Operations & Maintenance

Southern Turbine & Energy Solutions are focused in the power generation, refinery, oil and gas industry, with advanced technologies, updated staff and efficiency methods.

We can give you all O&M strategies starting with the routine maintenance on equipment to full control of plant operations, STES operations and maintenance services are packaged to deliver the specific services each customer needs. Our skilled operations and engineering teams provide turbine maintenance solutions to minimize downtime, increase availability and reduce the overall operating costs of your facility. We have experience managing OEM equipment including gas turbines, generators and transformers across all phases of project development, no matter the size of the project or where the customer is, we can provide capabilities cover construction supervision & inspection, consulting, balance-of-plant systems including boilers, heat recovery steam generators, condensers, boroscopic inspections, routine or corrective inspections and repairs, installation, tuning and removal of mechanical equipment, SCADA/remote well control system design & integration, fuel handling systems, precipitators, ash handling systems, water treatment plants, electrical & control systems, switch gear, all fluid and gas processes and core rotating shaft equipment, pre-operations planning.

STES operates and supports our customer’s projects with the same corporate commitment we apply in our own company.  We treat your business enterprise as if it were our own and adhere to the concept of performance-based compensation. We pledge to provide the technical, managerial, and administrative services required in the most economical fashion possible to maximize profitability, ensure the highest safety standards and exceed environmental requirements.

We are offered many tools as an integral part of our service, such as specialized configuration and inspection equipment to make sure unit and process systems function properly. The scope of our services can be adapted to satisfy the specific maintenance needs, from the supply or technical support to the full management of the operational interruptions, including the re-starting of the plant, operators also detect potential and actual problems and take corrective action to prevent the interruption of system operations. We can provide these services by programmed maintenance or when an emergency occurs at the plant.

With our extensive base of technical staff, instruments and project administrative management, we can offer the option of operating the plant if the project’s scope requires the same guaranteeing a level of efficiency in the operations.

“From projects in the US, Caribbean, South America and in the Middle East, we maintain an international staff group of experienced professionals in order to offer an extraordinary balanced of approachability and superiority services.”

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